Welcome to Utopia!

Utopia was founded in October of 2013. From it's inception, it promised strong, confident women a haven from traditional retail. Our products are cherry-picked for women who dare to be bold, sassy, and full of life. The collection is comfortable, unique, and stylish. More, we source as ethically as possible and contribute a portion of each sale to local charities. We're not trying to be just another online source. Instead, our eCommerce site is for customers who also love our brick and mortar store.  

At the brick and mortar store, we have three rules. The first is that we're honest with you. If it doesn't look great on you, or if you're uncomfortable in it, you can't take it home. Obviously, we can't help you with this when you're shopping online, but we use only customers and staff as clothing models so you can see how the clothes look on regular women. 

The second rule is that everything is 100% returnable. This we can promise our online shoppers. As long as it's in new condition with the tags intact, you are more than welcome to return any item for a full refund. 

Finally, when you're in our store, you're not allowed to complain about your body. We believe women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes and they spend WAY too much time putting themselves down. Please, when you're shopping with us online, don't do that. Great clothes inspire confidence, but women who have the confidence to wear our clothes regardless of age and size don't need that inspiration. They possess all the confidence they need. Since you're here, we know you're one of those women. So go on. Play, have fun, find something killer, and know we're here to help you love yourself just a little bit more.