The Store Is Bursting with New Clothing


Utopia used every hanger it has to display the new product.  Designer clothing including L’Agence and SW3 are among the treasures we found while shopping in California. You won’t believe the prices we have on them! In addition to what’s currently on the floor, we have tons more we didn’t have room for, so the store will evolve constantly over the coming weeks.

If you’re tired of paying downtown Santa Fe prices for name brand and boutique clothing, check us out. We’re tired of paying them, too and we’re passing our love of fashion and great deals on to you! With ease of parking, great customer service, and amazing product, we’re worth the drive to Eldorado.

Getting ready for the Grand Opening

Utopia is under construction, choked with boxes, and clogged with confusion. It won’t stay that way long. We’re so excited for this phase to end so we can start putting items on the shelves. Check out some of the great stuff we have so far:



These are examples of our broad selection. Stay tuned for details. We’ll see you October 12 at 10 am.