New Jewelry on the Way

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Utopia is super excited to be carrying Organic Tagua Jewelry.

All of their products are handcrafted from a palm tree nut native to the lush tropical rainforests of Ecuador. Also referred to as the Ecuadorean Ivory Palm, the Tagua tree produces several bushels of seed pods a year with up to 100 Tagua nuts per pod. These nuts are then harvested, dried, and crafted into a wide range of products from vibrant modern jewelry, ornate figurines, to everyday items like shirt buttons. Also known as Vegetable Ivory, Tagua has the same appearance, density, and feel of animal ivory without doing any harm to any animals or the rain forests where it is gathered.

About the Jewelry

All of the Organic Tagua Jewelry is handmade and dyed using high-grade certified organic vegetable dyes imported from Italy.

Organic Tagua Jewelry is a fair trade company. Its mission is to promote the beautiful, eco-friendly, and 100% sustainable Tagua Ivory around the world. By doing so, they empower villagers in their founders’ home village in Ecuador by providing reliable employment and a decent living wage. They have a very special and direct relationship with our artisans since one of their founders still lives in the village. Their artisans are their friends and neighbors, and they are proud to promote their work. Through direct equitable trade, their artisans are able to eat better, keep their children in school, and invest in their futures, while keeping their traditions alive and vibrant. The production of their products keeps these families, their local economy, and their beautiful natural environment strong today and for generations to come.
Before you come shopping, you might want to watch this video about the company and their products.


Musical Instrument Consumables and Gift Bags

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We’re so psyched to have guitar, violin, and viola strings, picks, rosin, reeds, tuners, and other music related product in the store! Thanks so much to David Yard for helping with this. We wouldn’t have had a clue about where to start or what to get! ¬†In addition to what we have in stock, we can special order or stock your favorite brands. Just let us know what you need.

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Also, after searching and searching, we finally found great gift bags! These handmade bags are made from recycled paper and are produced by Fair Trade artisans in India.  Utopia has several colors and styles in stock.

We’re really happy to have two new product lines that save Eldorado and 285 Corridor residents a trip to Santa Fe!

Fair Trade and Why it Matters

rising internationalWhat is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade means an equitable and fair partnership between Aloha Bay and our partners and producers in Asia, Pakistan, Brazil, Malaysia, Colombia and the USA.

Fair Trade Criteria

  • Fair wages within the context of the local economy
  • Offering employees opportunities for advancement
  • Engaging in environmentally sustainable practices
  • Being nationally and internationally accountable for labor practices
  • Building long-term trade relationships
  • Safe working conditions, raising local safety standards
  • Providing economical and technical assistance to producers
  • Providing health benefits and paid vacation leave
  • Work weeks of 40 hours or less, no workers under age of 18

Why Fair Trade?

Our consumer spending choices affect people’s lives around the world. In today’s world economy, small-scale producers have very little bargaining power and are often forced to accept miserable working and living conditions. Fair Trade helps farmers, crafts people, and other workers to earn a decent income while maintaining their traditional lifestyles with dignity and hope for their future.

Utopia is proud to work with companies like Aloha Bay, Rising International, Asian Eye, Global Crafts, and Handmade Expressions. We vote with our dollars and hope you will, too.