Girls Garage Band

Last weekend, we had the pleasure of listening to a live performance by The Girls Garage Band. This local, Eldorado group charmed us. While they managed some great three and four part harmonies, had us tapping our feet and wriggling in our chairs, it wasn’t the music they played, or even the way they played it, that inspired us.

These women, dressed in blue jeans and black tee shirts, bespoke the true power of the feminine with grace, charisma, and generosity. Not every member of the band was equally skilled, but that didn’t matter – to them or to us. Instead, they supported each other. With bright eyes and encouraging grins, swaying hips and swinging locks, they embodied courage, warmth, joy, and love – love of themselves, their music, and each other.

Their bodies weren’t perfect, their hair was streaked with gray, and their faces were lined with experience and years, yet they were the epitome of beauty. We would go to listen to these women and the music they make over many others because they weren’t trying to be anything they are not, weren’t trying to live up to some magazine generated ideal of what a female band (or women) ought to be, weren’t worried about being judged. Instead, they were real, going for something, engaged in the process and unconcerned with the outcome. Because of it, their outcome was fabulous.

The Girls Garage Band is all about living well and not living in fear. Kudos and thanks to them for inspiring us to be ourselves, embrace our ages, and pursue our dreams.