New Parkhurst Knits


Utopia loves carrying Parkhurst! We just got in some fabulous knits like the one pictured here. They won’t last long so get them while you can. We also have some great Rising International┬ápants on the way. Check them out.

photo (87)photo (3)

But, even better, Destiny’s off on a buying trip. Next Thursday, the store will be filled with her finds. Shopping in Eldorado has never been more fun!



Fair Trade and Why it Matters

rising internationalWhat is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade means an equitable and fair partnership between Aloha Bay and our partners and producers in Asia, Pakistan, Brazil, Malaysia, Colombia and the USA.

Fair Trade Criteria

  • Fair wages within the context of the local economy
  • Offering employees opportunities for advancement
  • Engaging in environmentally sustainable practices
  • Being nationally and internationally accountable for labor practices
  • Building long-term trade relationships
  • Safe working conditions, raising local safety standards
  • Providing economical and technical assistance to producers
  • Providing health benefits and paid vacation leave
  • Work weeks of 40 hours or less, no workers under age of 18

Why Fair Trade?

Our consumer spending choices affect people’s lives around the world. In today’s world economy, small-scale producers have very little bargaining power and are often forced to accept miserable working and living conditions. Fair Trade helps farmers, crafts people, and other workers to earn a decent income while maintaining their traditional lifestyles with dignity and hope for their future.

Utopia is proud to work with companies like Aloha Bay, Rising International, Asian Eye, Global Crafts, and Handmade Expressions. We vote with our dollars and hope you will, too.