Great Deal on Telescopes

star gazing

We scored! Utopia got a great deal on some awesome telescopes! The Celestron Powerseeker 114AZ retails for as much as $159.99,

We’ve got them for $79.99.

If you’re thinking of something special for Father’s Day, this is a great opportunity, but we only have a few and they’re going fast. Stop by the store and check them out.

Why did you Name it Utopia?

People always ask why we named the store Utopia. It’s because of a quote we heard once and can’t quite remember. It goes something like this:

“Every time I take a step toward utopia, utopia takes a step away. When I take 10 steps toward Utopia, it takes 10 steps away. So utopia is not a place. It’s the thing that gets me moving.”

It’s our goal to save you some time, delight you while you’re here, and get you moving toward your vision of utopia.

This weekend, we took a few steps toward one of our utopias. We drove south from Eldorado at Santa Fe to the Cibola National Forest, near Magdalena, NM. In Copper Canyon, we set up camp and went out to explore. The creek bubbled and trilled. Sun broke through ponderosa pines and we found relics rich with history between steep canyon walls.

Sometimes, getting away is how we come home.

photo (40)photo (41)photo (38)photo (39)


utopia imageAs we move into the new year, we’re contemplative. What is it that we want? What is it that fulfills us? What goals do we set for ourselves? What defines utopia?

So we decided to hold a contest. We are looking for original definitions and illustrations of utopia — not the store, but the state of mind or imagined place.

You may submit a short essay, poem, sentence, or other creative verbiage or a drawing, painting, photograph, or other 2 dimensional work.

1st place will receive a $100 gift certificate to the store. 2nd place will receive a $50 gift certificate, and 3rd place will receive a $25 gift certificate. All winners will be promoted in our newsletter and the La Tienda newsletter, on Facebook, and on our websites. In addition, the best illustrations and definitions will be published in our 1st Utopia Anthology.

To enter, send your definition or illustration to All entries will be judged by a blind and independent panel of artists, writers, and community members. Submission deadline is February 15, 2014. Contest winners will be announced March 1st. If under 18, please include a letter of parental consent.